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Love length, but want to add some edgy flare to your haircut? Try buzzing a one by three inch section off one side of your head, near the ear. Keep a short, triangular piece in front of your ear for feminine flare. Or try an asymmetrical cut where one side is slightly or significantly longer than the other.

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Try a middle part for a day, you might like it. If you have shorter bangs, try this look with your hair pulled back. The middle part can be emphasized with new hair coloring for an even bolder look. Part your hair in the middle and color both sides complementary colors. Try coloring non-permanent designs such as hearts or stars into your hair for added playfulness.

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Edgy Hair Styles at Purdue University - The Feminine Mohawk

The once exclusively masculine look of a Mohawk can be updated with this feminine twist. Buzz the sides and keep the top of the Mohawk short but as you get closer to the back of the head have the length get gradually longer. This allows you to wear the Mohawk two ways: spiked or down. When you wear it down you can pull the hair in the back forward and let it rest on your clavicle, almost like a low ponytail – a more feminine and professional hairstyle option for this bold look.