DIY Beachy Waves from your West Lafayette Hair Salon

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Want to look like you just came from the beach all year long? The product: fill a spray bottle with water, add a few tablespoons sea salt and shake. Spritz generously throughout damp hair, scrunch and let air dry. For longer hair you can also twist your damp hair up into a bun, sleep on it and wake up to soft, beachy waves! Most hair has some natural waving and the combination of sea salt, scrunching and air drying enhances this.  Our West Lafayette, IN hair stylists can help you get the classic look you want!


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Spice Things Up With Bangs at Our Beauty Salon

Blunt bangs are a bold look, but a perfect complement to long straight or wavy hairstyles. Not sure blunt bangs are for you? Start with side-swept bangs cut right above your eyes. This style is much easier to grow out and can be trimmed into a blunt bang from there if you’re feeling daring. 

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Bold Hair Coloring in West Lafayette, Indiana

Ever thought of dying your hair a totally different color? It’s true that some skin tones go better with some hair colors than others, but consult  your Eclectic hair stylist to see what shade of your dream hair color will complement you best.