The Lafayette, IN Hair Salon to Match your Style

Everyone's got their own style. At Eclectic, we believe that everyone should be exactly who they want to be, from their hair to their toes. Check out our different hair styles to get some funky new ideas that are uniquely suited to you! Your hair is one of the first things people see. You want it to be reflective of who you are. Are you the daring, adventurous type or the ultra-refined classic type? Do you often ask yourself what type of hair cut you should get next? Let us help! Maybe you'll find the new hair cut and hair style you've always been looking for.

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Classic Hair Style

The classic hairstyle is the one that many other styles are based off of. Get back to your roots with a classic cut!


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Edgy Hair Style

The edgy hairstyle is modern with some avant-garde flair. Lead the latest trend with an edgy cut!

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The contemporary hairstyle is sleek and sophisticated. For a dramatic statement that showcases your elegant, sophisticated style, try a contemporary cut!

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Eclectic Hair Styles

The eclectic hairstyle is for the versatile individual who likes to mix it up on a day to day basis. Get an eclectic cut to show off your spontaneous side!


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