Signature Hair Salon Looks in
West Lafayette, Indiana

For today’s busy and style conscious client, Eclectic Hair Salon is one of the most popular and refreshingly different salons in the greater Lafayette area. For over ten years, Eclectic Hair Salon has offered a full line of salon services care and consultation tailored to the client. As a small and intimate salon, Eclectic Hair Salon is able to provide a more personal beauty salon experience. Unlike the hustle and bustle of larger, chain salons – Eclectic Hair Salon treats every client as an individual.

The perfect hair salon in West Lafayette, IN for anyone looking to a preserve a signature look or create a new one. Not sure what you want? Take the “What’s Your Hair Personality” quiz or come in today to meet with one of Eclectic’s experienced hair stylists for a personal consultation. The staff at Eclectic Hair Salon is just as unique as the people they serve. Meet the eclectic team of stylists!

History of Eclectic Hair Salon in West Lafayette, IN

Eclectic Hair Salon was established in 1999 to be a unique and personalized salon. Founder Shawna McCully came up with the salon's name while furnishing the historic building. As she decorated, the décor became a reflection of herself – a blend of unique styles. The hair salon is located in an historic red and tan brick building and is adorned with vintage hair equipment displayed as decoration, tall ceilings, and modern touches. The atmosphere of Eclectic Hair Salon is intimate, refreshing, and inspiring.

When you visit Eclectic Hair Salon, you can see historic pictures of the building, and read articles about its evolution. See it as the first West Lafayette firehouse, complete with horse-drawn fire engines, and as the first West Lafayette library in 1923!

Shawna McCully, Owner

Shawna McCully, the proud owner of Eclectic Hair Salon, is a Lafayette, Indiana native. Her parents and grandparents were also native to the Lafayette area, so her roots go pretty deep! Shawna's favorite thing about the Lafayette/West Lafayette area is the history the community shares. Each side of town is similar, yet unique, with its own history.

Shawna's career started in 1992 in a well-established hair salon in the Chauncey Village area. Eventually, though, she wanted to realize her own vision of a salon and in 1999, Eclectic Hair Salon opened in an historic building that matched Shawna's own design aesthetic.

Now, years later, Shawna still loves every aspect of hair. She takes joy in changing a person's appearance in a matter of moments. Hair, to her, is an artistic and creative expression of individuality.

Shawna's favorite haircut is the classic bob - it's timeless, and so many modern hairstyles have been built with the bob as their foundation.